Fees & Offers

We are a fully private dental practice offering competitive prices and a range of different options to suit all. We have introduced an innovative concept to modern day Dentistry by offering ‘Independent Fees’ bridging the gap between NHS & Private Dentistry. We offer various price bands allowing you the flexibility to budget and choose the treatment service which best fits your needs.

All treatment costs are discussed with patients following your initial consultation allowing you time to make the decision that is right for you.

Affordable Interest free payment plans available (subject to terms & conditions)

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Fees Table

from £45
Emergency Examination


Composite White Fillings - Small Surface
from £75
Composite White Fillings - Medium Surface
from £95
Composite White Fillings - Large Surface
from £110


Simple Extraction
from £90
Complex Extraction
from £150
Surgical Extraction
from £200

Crown & Bridge

Metal Crown Gold/Silver
from £350
White Crown - Porcelain
from £350
White Crown - Ceramic
from £350
Bridge Per Unit
from £250


Cosmetic denture (acrylic)
from £500
Chrome denture
from £500
Partial denture
from £350
Denture addition
from £75
General Examination with Hygiene therapist
Mini Sparkle Hygiene Treatment
Sparkle Hygiene Treatment
Air Abrasion
from £95
Root Surface debridement
from £75


Composite White Fillings - Small Surface
Composite White Fillings - Medium Surface
Composite White Fillings - Large Surface

Night Guards

Soft Occlusal Night Guard
from £149
Hard Occlusal Night Guard
from £199
Anti Wrinkle Botulinum Injections (BOTOX)
from £140 per area
Dermal Fillers
from £200
Chemical Face Peel
from £65
from £30
from £15
Implant Consultation
Annual Implant Review & Examination
Titanium Implant
from £2499
Healing abutment
from £299
Porcelain bonded crown
from £299
Bonded bridge over implant
from £299 per unit
Removal of old dental implant
from £299
Orthodontic Consultation
Annual Ortho Review & Examination
Fixed Orthodontic Treatments Single Arch- Brace Only
from £1499
Fixed Orthodontic Treatments Dual Arch- Brace Only
from £2499
Removable Appliance Orthodontic Treatments Single Arch
from £1999
Removable appliance Orthodontic Treatments Dual Arch
from £2999
from £2499
Essix Retainers
from £249
Fixed Retainer
from £249

Teeth Whitening

Whitening Consultation
Annual Whitening Review and Examination
Zoom® In Chair Laser Whitening
Zoom® Home Whitening Kit
from £249
Pola In Chair Whitening
Pola Home Whitening
Enlighten® In Chair Whitening & Home Kit
Enlighten® Top Up Gel
£60 per tube

Dental Veneers

Veneer Consultation
Annual Veneer Review and Examination
Composite Veneers
from £299 per tooth
Porcelain Veneers
from £399 per tooth

The fees shown are for guidance only and are subject to confirmation following consultation. All fees are subject to change.

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