Payments & Deposit Policy

Treatment Plan Estimates

  • It is our practice policy to give patients full information about treatment cost before any treatment is undertaken. A treatment plan will be provided for all dental treatment following your initial consultation at the practice.
  • If you require specific treatment an estimate will be provided for by the dentist. We may not provide you this estimate on complementary consultations. For most treatments the receptionist would be able to assist with approximate costs prior to you seeing the dentist, such as emergency fee’s, cleaning, simple fillings and tooth whitening. Final fees will be confirmed by the dentist after your consultation visit.
  • Emergency treatment fees include a consultation fee of £60.00. There may be additional costs, which may vary and are based upon the treatment required, which will be advised after assessment by the dentist.

Deposit Policy

  • It is our practice policy to take a full payment for all new patient consultations at the time of booking. If a payment is not taken the appointment may be cancelled. This is to safeguard against wasted appointment times and slots for other patients.
  • It is our practice policy to request a 50% deposit for all planned treatments and this will be taken by reception staff when booking the next appointment.
  • For treatments requiring multiple attendances we are happy for patients to sign up for a payment plan and pay by instalments at each visit.

* for further information please contact the team for our full comprehensive Payments Policy.

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