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Tooth decay hurts and the longer you leave a sore tooth, the worse it”ll get and the more work will need to be done to repair it. No-one looks forward to fillings but we”ll make the procedure quick and painless, getting you smiling again in no time. We also make sure we act as soon as we detect a problem which means you suffer less pain as a result of holes in your teeth.

We offer a full range of different filling materials and will discuss the options with you so you make the right choice for you.
Different filling materials wear differently, look different and have different costs associated so there”s no “one size fits all” option.


Where possible our philosophy is to always try to save your natural tooth. However, there are times (for example where you have extra teeth or impacted wisdom teeth) that we have to take one of more teeth out of your mouth, this is called an extraction and people often believe that this is a lot scarier than it actually is.

We’ll always make sure you have adequate anaesthetic to take care of any possible pain, then we gently manipulate the tooth, applying pressure to loosen it away from the gum so that when the time comes to take it out it causes minimal disruption to your gum tissue.

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