Misalignment of teeth is not just an aesthetic concern but can cause problems with function and place unnecessary stress on your mouth. It can also lead to decay, tooth fracture, gum disease and tooth wear.

Orthodontics is the process of moving teeth to aid the maintenance of dental health and achieve a great-looking smile.

Teeth straightening can be used alone or in combination with restorative treatments to help achieve the best results for you.

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What Braces do you offer?

Our team offers many options in both fixed and removable braces. This includes specialist braces such as Damon as well as more conventional ceramic or metal braces to suit individual requirements.

Our most popular braces are the Tooth Coloured Fixed braces which uses a clear ceramic bracket to blend in with the tooths natural colour. This produces a more aesthetically pleasing appliance which is far more attractive option. The orthodontic wires can also be tooth coloured to help improve the appearance further.

What is the treatment process?

After your initial consultation with one of our friendly clinicians, we will determine which course of treatment is right for you. During the consultation we may offer to take some clinical photographs a free digital assessment of your mouth.

Once you’ve made up your mind, we will book you in for the braces to be applied. During treatment, you will need to attend for regular review visits every 4-6 weeks so we can check on your progress and make any adjustments needed. Once the braces have worked their wonder, we will remove the braces and reveal your new, straighter happier smile- an amazing moment for sure!

Do I need to wear Retainers Afterwards?

Retention is the most important part of Orthodontic treatment. Whilst having your brace taken off is an exciting moment, failure to wear retainers as prescribed may result in teeth relapsing to their original position.

During orthodontic treatment teeth are held in position by your braces, but once removed, stretched fibres in the gum try to pull the teeth back to their original position, this is what we refer to as “orthodontic relapse”. It takes time for these fibres to remodel and stop pulling on the teeth. Continued growth of the jaws can also encourage the teeth to move once treatment has been completed. To avoid orthodontic relapse we provide our patients with retainers, which hold the teeth in their new position. Some movement may occur, this is normal and we understand this may be disappointing. By wearing retainers post treatment as advised, the risk of tooth movement will be dramatically minimised

What types of Retainers do I need?

There are two types of retainers, fixed and removable. Removable retainers are made from a clear plastic and fit snugly over your teeth. Fixed retainers are a small thin wire adhered behind the teeth.

How Much do Braces Cost?

Book a Smile Assessment with a member of our team to find out how Braces can improve your smile. The cost of braces can vary from patient to patient, but generally treatment prices start from £1500.00 depending upon the complexity of the case. With Flexible Finance Options treatment can cost as little as £100.00 a month.

Who can have Braces?

Most cases can be treated using our general brace options. Book a Smile Assessment with a member of our team to find out how braces can improve your smile.

In some more complex cases general braces may not be suitable for you and you may benefit from seeing a specialist Orthodontist. Your clinician will advise you if this is the case.


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“My teeth were always my biggest insecurity. I was super nervous for my first appointment but as soon as I went in the welcoming and calm atmosphere settled my nerves… My first appointment was very detailed we spoke about my overall plan and the following week I got my braces so there was definitely no delay…. They listened to my concerns and always made sure I had a say in how I wanted my teeth to look…. I love my results it’s definitely boosted my confidence and looks 1000% better than I could ever imagine…”

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